SEA Games 2021 results, Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23

SEA Games 2021 results, Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23, the hopes of the U-23 Indonesian National Team to win a gold medal at the 2021 SEA Games are confirmed to be shattered. After Garuda Muda was defeated by Thailand U-23 in the semifinals, Thursday (19/5/2022).

Weerathep Pompan’s only goal was enough to bring Thailand to the Final.

At the beginning of this match, the Indonesian national team was slightly more dominant. Only three minutes into the game, Indonesia had threatened through Marc Klok’s free kick, but the ball was still narrowly wide of the Vietnam goal.

The dominance of the Indonesian national team continues. Indonesia had more possession of the ball in this match, but they struggled to penetrate Thailand’s tight defense from the start.

Thailand itself did play quite pragmatically in the first round. But they unleashed a dangerous counter-attack, with in the 26th minute Thailand made their first dangerous chance through Benjamin’s shot, but Ernando kept the ball out.

Indonesia’s next dangerous opportunity also comes from dead ball. Starting from Egy who released a measured pass from a free kick, the ball was successfully headed by Rizky Ridho but the ball was still wide.

Indonesia’s last dangerous opportunity came from Marc Klok’s corner which went straight into the net. But unlucky, his shot just hit the crossbar. The score 0-0 remained until halftime.

Check out the results of the SEA Games 2021 results, Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23 in the second round below.

SEA Games 2021 results, Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23

SEA Games 2021 results, Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23

Second roundĀ Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23

In the second half, Thailand changed their playing style. Previously they were more aggressive in attacking.

This change in Thailand’s playing style made Indonesia’s defense a bit tense. So that Indonesian players often make dangerous violations near the penalty box.

In minute 63, Shin Tae-yong made two substitutions. Saddil Ramdhani and Syahrian Abhimanyu came in to replace Marselino Ferdinand.

The entry of these two players began to change the dynamics of the Indonesian game. Young Garuda began to get out of Thailand’s pressure and threaten the Thai goal.

In the 78th minute, the Indonesian national team made a very dangerous threat through Marc Klok’s header, but the Thai goalkeeper, Kawin could thwart the opportunity. Two minutes later, it was Syahrian Abimanyu’s turn who fired a free shot away that headed into the corner of the Thai goal, but the ball was again broken by Kawin.

The Indonesian national team once again got a very dangerous opportunity through a counterattack. Unfortunately, Egy who spearheaded his shot was too weak so the ball was easily secured by Kawin.

The buying and selling of attacks continued, but the score remained 0-0 and the match had to go into extra time.

Extra TimeĀ Thailand U-23 vs Indonesia U-23 ( 1 : 0 )

Entering extra time, the match was fierce. Both teams continued to buy and sell attacks.

However, it was disastrous for Indonesia, Ernando’s goal was broken in 95 minutes. Starting from Indonesia’s poor defense coordination, Weerathep managed to fire a hard shot in the penalty box and successfully broke into Indonesia’s goal.

The goal made the intensity of the game increase. Thailand is increasingly confident in attacking, while the Indonesian national team also increases the intensity of attacks to equalize.

The buying and selling of attacks continued but the 1-0 score held for Thailand’s advantage.

In the second half, the situation changed slightly. Indonesia appeared more pressing and took risks while Thailand played more conservatively in the remaining matches.

At the end of the second extra round, Thailand had to play with 10 men after William Gabriel got a second yellow card. Not long ago, Indonesia also played 10 players after Firza Andika received a red card for making a customer when Thailand counterattacked.

Rachmat Irianto and Ricky Kambuaya protested excessively to get a second yellow card, so Indonesia played with eight players. Not long ago, Thailand’s national team coach Alexander Polking also received a yellow card due to excessive protests.

Until the referee blew the whistle signaling the end of the match, the score was 1-0 unchanged and Thailand ensured that they qualified for the Final.

Next Game
Thanks to this defeat, the U-23 Indonesian National Team certainly failed to make it to the Final. However, the Garuda squad still has a chance to win a bronze medal in the race for third place.

The opponent himself is still waiting for the winner of the Vietnam U-23 vs Malaysia U-23 match in the other semifinal.

The Lineup of Both Teams
Thailand U-23 National Team : Married; Nakin, Kemdee, Ekanit, Korawich; Airfan, Worachit, Chanapach, Davis; Weerathep, Chayapipat

Coach : Alexander Polking

Indonesian U-23 National Team : Ernando; irianto, Fachruddin, Rizky Ridho, Dewangga; Klok, Marselino, Kambuaya; Witan, Irfan Jauhari, Egy Maulana

Coach : Shin Tae-yong