Miguel Oliveira First MotoGP Race Champion in Mandalika

Miguel Oliveira First MotoGP Race Champion in Mandalika, Red Bull KTM racer, Miguel Oliveira, won the 2022 Indonesian MotoGP and became the first MotoGP rider to win at the Mandalika Circuit, Sunday (20/3/2022) afternoon WIB.

After being postponed for 1 hour 15 minutes, the Mandalika MotoGP was finally held. Leading from the early laps, Oliveira won without a fierce fight. Behind him, there is the reigning champion, Fabio Quartararo and Pramac Ducati rider, Johann Zarco.

The course of the race, starting from the pole position, Favio Quartararo immediately sped up as soon as the race started. He is followed by Miguel Oliveira as well as Jack Miller.

Miguel Oliveira First MotoGP Race Champion in Mandalika

Miguel Oliveira First MotoGP Race Champion in Mandalika

Indonesian MotoGP Results 2022: Miguel Oliveira First MotoGP Race Champion in Mandalika

However, after passing straight on the starting grid for the second time, El Diablo -Quartararo’s nickname – lost his place. He was overtaken by Oliveira and soon Jack Miller caught up with him too which brought him down to third.

Two laps running, Quartararo is 1.7 seconds ahead of Miller and Oliveira. In fact, he was actually squeezed by Alex Rins who tried to chase him from number four.

Continued to be pursued, finally the reigning MotoGP champion was successfully overtaken by Rins who drove smoothly around the corner. Then, he was also raced by Johann Zarco to drop to fifth position.

On the fourth lap, Jorge Martin almost fell at the corner 17. The Pramac Ducati racer lost his balance due to the slippery track. Luckily he was able to return to a safe position and continue the race.

Meanwhile, Oliveira, who was followed by Miller, led the race on the fifth lap. The two leading drivers are two seconds away from Quartararo.

Shortly thereafter, Francesco Bagnaia, nearly had an accident. However, just like Martin, the Lenovo Ducati rider was able to control his bike even though he had to widen at corner one and drop to 12th position.

After almost falling, Martin was finally completely out of the race. He slipped at Turn 1 with 13 laps remaining in the race and the bike rolled pretty fast on the gravel. However, the Spaniard looked fine because he could immediately get up.

With ten laps to go, Oliveira was still 3.4 seconds ahead of Miller. Meanwhile, Rins lost third place after being overtaken by Zarco, who is now one second behind Miller. And El Diablo is also still comfortably in fifth place. And El Diablo is also still comfortably in fifth place.

However, the next two laps Quartararo managed to shift Rins from fourth. The French racer overtook him without difficulty at Turn 6.

After that, there was a fierce battle between Miller and Zarco for the second position. The Australian racer continued to be squeezed by the Ducati satellite team rider and was overtaken several times even though he was finally able to reclaim it.

Too serious to try to race Miller, Zarco was overtaken by Quartararo at turn 16 on lap 15. Although he had time to overtake again after a straight track, Zarco finally completely lost his position at the first corner.

In fact, not long after Quartararo managed to shoot into second place. Miguel Oliveira First MotoGP Race Champion in Mandalika successfully raced Miller who seemed to slow down on lap 16.

After that, the Yamaha factory racer continued to step on the gas to catch Oliveira, who had been leading the race for a very long time. In fact, he managed to cut the distance to 3.3 seconds with the KTM racer when the race had two laps remaining.

Unfortunately, until the race ended Quartararo failed to catch Oliveira. The racer numbered 88 also came out as the first MotoGP winner at Mandalika.