Difference between Formula E and Formula 1

Difference between Formula E and Formula 1, although there is a lot of debate about this electric car racing event , despite it all, Formula E was finally held at the Jakarta International E-Prix Circuit (JIEC), Ancol, North Jakarta. This is the ninth series in the 2021-2022 Formula E World Championship calendar, and Indonesia is hosting it for the first time, especially in Jakarta.

For information, the first idea of ​​a single seat electric car racing competition was proposed by Jean Todt and Alenjandro Agag on March 3, 2011 in Paris. Apparently this idea originated from the encouragement of sustainable mobility of electric-powered vehicles in the future, in order to increase the awareness of the earth’s population on the preservation of nature. Difference between Formula E and Formula 1

Formula E made its debut in Beijing, China, in September 2014. At that time the type of car used was a Generation 1 Formula Car (Gen1 Car) with a maximum speed of 225 kilometers per hour.

The Jakarta E-Prix is ​​the first time that a Formula-E race will be held at an inner city circuit, because previously it used a street circuit.

Difference between Formula E and Formula 1

Difference between Formula E and Formula 1

Here are four differences between Formula E and Formula 1 :

Competition Format
The Formula 1 race format, practice, qualifying and racing lasts for three days. While Formula E is only held in one day. The winner of the Formula E race is also difficult to predict.

Car Specifications
The engine capacity used by Formula E and Formula 1 cars is designed differently, so the engine design and shape of the car also have differences. Formula E cars are designed to be slimmer and lighter in weight than Formula 1 so that the electric car can go at maximum speed.

Pit Stop Rules
In Formula 1, drivers are required to make pit stops during the race to change tires. While Formula E is not like that because the drivers can choose to make a pit stop if the tire is damaged or needs to be replaced. This is because Formula E tires are designed to withstand all terrain and weather.

Different Circuit
F1 cars are designed for better performance, which is why the circuit is longer, wider, more winding, faster and more complex. In contrast to Formula E which uses the street (street circuit) to race, the circuit format also tends to be narrower and straighter with sharp turns.